Tatiana Bilbao

Changing continent but still celebrating the creativity of  “Women in Architecture”, I turn my gaze on Tatiana Bilbao’s work.

Here is a brief intro to her by Wikipedia:
Tatiana Bilbao Spamer (Mexico City, 1972) is a Mexican architect. Through a multicultural and multidisciplinary office, the work of Tatiana Bilba Estudio tries to understand the place that surrounds us in order to translate its rigid codes into architecture. It tries to regenerate spaces in order to humanize them as a reaction to global capitalism, opening up niches for cultural and economic development.”

Tatiana Bilbao Estudio, Sustainable Housing, 2015, Ciudad Acuña, México. Photo: Iwan Baan.

Among the list of awards she has under her belt are:
2014 Global Award for Sustainable Architecture Prize;
2012 Berliner Kunstpreis, Akademie der Künste;
2011 Young Architect,
Colegio de Arquitectos CAM-SAM;
2010 Built Work of the Year, CEMEX;
2009 Emerging Voices, Architecture League of New York

As I am presenting her to you, like you, I am discovering her talent and her creativity in this complex craft called architecture.

A video on her  by the Women’s Forum México: Entrevista Tatiana Bilbao:

It is so refreshing to find that my continent (America), is producing amazing architecture and that a huge part of it is produced by women.

Link here to her Website!

ArchDaily’s link to her work.


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