Even when our favorite internet research engine shows us that our planet is disturbingly changing, there are people who deny it.

go figure!

The picture above is beautiful and alarming at the same time. Lakes are dissapearing.

We the human race have had a drastic impact on our planet but we fail to recognise that perhaps we should stop thinking that we are the only important beings in our environment.

Satellite photos show one of the world’s largest lakes disappearing


Earth, Nature will wipe us out if we continue in this collision course.

Aral Sea – Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan The shrinking of the once vast Aral Sea left behind a salty wasteland dotted with abandoned fishing boats and ruined the local economy. Scientists are now working out ways to catalogue and map the world’s most threatened ecosystems, similar to the list of endangered species. Photograph: Alexander Zemlianichenko/AP

Here a visual reportage from the guardian.


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