So a new era awaits us. I can smell and feel the wind changing. It is as frightening as it is exciting. And while I was musing on the end of the XX century I stumbled upon the work of Paul Nash.

I am a rather optimistic person but I can see a certain resemblance betwen the actual political instability and the one after first world war. I hope I can survive this new coming change and like Nash record it through my art.

“I am no longer an artist interested and curious, I am a messenger who will bring back word from men who are fighting to those who want the war to go forever. Feeble, inarticulate, will be my message, but it will have a bitter truth, and may it burn their lousy souls.” Paul Nash (1889-1947)
NPG x19064; Paul Nash by Bassano
Paul Nash, 1918 photographed by Bassano/© National Portrait Gallery, London

Paul Nash (11 May 1889 – 11 July 1946) was a British surrealist painter and war artist, as well as a photographer, writer and designer of applied art.[1] Nash was among the most important landscape artists of the first half of the twentieth century. He played a key role in the development of Modernism in English art.” from wikipedia

wikiLink here

We Are Making a New World (1918), collection of the Imperial War Museum, London

Here a short video from the Hampshire Cultural Trust:

Paul Nash


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