Maya Lin

For my second post on the series of women in architecture I want to share with you the work of Maya Lin. She is a chinese-american artist/architect. Her first mayor work, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, was the first example I had of a woman winning a big and prominent competition.

I looked up to her not only as a role model but also as a really powerful designer. I find her approach to design very profound and respectful of the environment even before it was hype to do that. She has a stunningly understanding of her projects surroundings, which allows her, to insert her work in such a way as to make you believe they were an intrinsic part of them. I find also an elegance and an evident care in the manufacturing of each of the components of her projects.

View into the passage way of the Vietnam_Veterans_Memorial
Aerial view of the Vietnam_Veterans_Memorial

Link to her webpage.

Watch here an interview from the SinoVision English Channel Archives

And here a video on her multimedia memorial, a tribute to decreasing biodiversity :
“What is Missing?” by Maya Lin (from the San Francisco Arts commission)

Here the link to the What is missing? page.

And I leave you with a recent NY Times article by Joshua Barone:


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