Idriss Aberkane and the Knowledge Economy

Idriss aberkane, is a french academic on a quest to help the world grow from a market economy to a knowledge economy.

As most french people, he  obnoxiously only does talks in french forgetting to translate for the rest of the world. So most of his most interesting talks don’t have subtitles!! But if you do speak french you should definitely check his talks!

But hey I was lucky to find this short video on:

What is the Knowledge Economy? Idriss ABERKANE – WikiStage ESCP Europe Studio

But are all of his thesis and remarks that new, actually no, and he avoques how primary societies used and knew that type of economy. The point is that finally “mankind” acknowledges the power of nature and how we as a race can learn from her. Which is rather frustrating considering that for centuries we the female counter parts allready knew this but since the power balance is not equivalent we had to suffer such ignorance.

So that means that the time has come.


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