Jason Patterson

Throughout all of the year 2015 and what has gone of 2016 the hashtag #blacklivesmatters has been a current trending topic. It is ridiculous and unbelievable to see how the goverment of the United States treats his african american citizens.

For us, foreigners it is even more difficult to understand. But in the mist of all the chaos of misinformation and politization of the issue I found the work of the artist Jason Patterson. It is a light in the darkness and a very powerfull way of tackling the question.

On #WhiteSupremacy🇺🇸#RacialEquality And the Legacy of #AbrahamLincoln’

Very few contemporary artists are so socially and culturally engaged as he is. And so knowlegeable.

Instead of further describing what his art talks about I encourage you to see his work for yourselfs.

here a link to his page

here a link to his Instagram

And here a pretty complete interview from ArtNow:
Art Now! – Episode #44 – Jason Patterson




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