The Gender Tag

What is gender? Is sexuality related to gender? Does my sex organ define both my gender and my sexuality?

These are questions often asked in private but rarely addressed in public. But actually we should ask them outloud so the world would be more aware of these subjet matters since not addressing these issues is what causes most of the problems in our society.

I found Ashley Wylde‘s youtube channel searching for answers myself. And what an amazinf discovery. She gave one of the most explanatory and well constructed talks on these matters.

In her page she is described as: “… a queer and gender nonbinary writer, activist, and travel enthusiast.”

I, in particular, love this quote from her Pantreon page: “Gender is something many people are confused or unclear about, and the many ways that it can affect our lives are sometimes hard to understand. ”

So here I leave you with her talk and her youtube channel The Gener Tag, enjoy!

The Gender Tag: Authentic Gender Expression | Ashley Wylde | TEDxCSU

The Gender Tag: Celebrating 600+ videos


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