It is good to know that out there, we can find institutions working on answers and questioning the way humanity will produce a greener type of energy. We humans consume incredible amounts of energy and right now to produce it we are destroying our environment. So, when I knew what the Solar Fuels Institute (SOFI) does, it gave me lot of hope in the future.

We’re a global team of scientists with one goal: make a carbon neutral fuel from sunlight, water and air.”

The idea of a solar fuels collaborative grew out of meetings in Telluride, CO among scientists and others who recognized the need to combine forces in finding a sustainable liquid energy source.

Under the umbrella of the Office of Research of Northwestern University, the Solar Fuels Institute (SOFI) was created to harness the intellectual firepower of global research institutes and connect them with leading industry partners with the goal of commercializing a liquid solar fuel.

Believing that no single institution could solve this challenge on its own, SOFI’s has taken a systems-integration approach to the promise of a commercially-viable alternative to fossil fuels and has engaged a wide spectrum of experts in areas of technology, finance, and marketing to address the complexity of the task.(from their website)

Here a video presentation of the Institute:


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