A Tiny House project

How would you guys feel if you had to reduce the space you live in. Clear all the stuff accumulated through out the years, downsize your furniture, well, how about that. Architect Macy Miller did it and she has an amazing story to tell.

Macy Miller Tiny House Dissatisfied by the lack of construction training at school, Miller seized upon the DIY design/build dream as both an educational and cash-saving opportunity. From Lucy Wang’s article: Architect Builds Tiny 196 Square-Foot Dream House From Scratch

Her Tiny House project is an incredible exercize on economy of means and small budget programing. In her page she explains all about the architecture project and the pros and the changes that imply living tiny.

She even has courses on how to build your own tiny house!

here a video of Macy explaining and showing her house:



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  1. Always wanted to try that

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