Land Art Generator Initiative (Lagi)

The Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI), provides a platform for artists, architects, landscape architects, and other creatives working with engineers and scientists to bring forward human-centered solutions for sustainable energy infrastructures that enhance the city as works of public art while cleanly powering thousands of homes.” (description taken from their site)

here the link to their page!

and here a link to their awesome Instagram link!

And here an article from the Guardianan with a nice selection of pictures from the 2016 portfolio.

Fantasy art: the future of energy and water technology – in pictures

below a little sample of the works presented:

The Cetacea is a proposed series of arched structures between 13-30 meters that could capture wind, solar and wave energy to produce 4,300 megawatt hours of electricity. The arches would include a filtering system to process stormwater and create potable water. “Repetition and subtle variation of the arches create ethereal forms in constant interaction with the play of sea, light and cloud across the horizon,” write the designers. Artists: Keegan Oneal, Sean Link, Caitlin Vanhauer, Colin Poranski from Eugene, Oregon. Photograph: Land Art Generator Initiative



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