States of Matter || Tate Modern

This is a really cool way to present a new museum space. The TATE MODERN is using an video art project to let us know about their new extension.

And this is how they describe it:

“In an exclusive collaboration with Orri and Georg from Sigur Rós we take you on an imaginative journey through the new Tate Modern.
The full interactive experience can be accessed on desktops here:

To celebrate the opening of the new Tate Modern on 17 June 2016 here is the teaser to an exclusive interactive video experience inspired by the materials of the new building and the old Bankside power station.

The full interactive experience features a specially composed soundtrack by Orri Páll Dýrason and Georg Hólm (from Sigur Ròs).

Choose one of four visual journeys through the new building exploring plasma, air, solid or liquid states of matter and its corresponding audio stem (or combination of many) composed by Orri and Georg in response to these materials.

“With ‘States of Matter’, we wanted to explore more experimental and textural options. Splitting the track means that each stem had to have its own subtleties, its own identity while being part of a cohesive piece.“ – Orri and Georg”


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