On noise

So I was all set for the weekly illustration project. The theme was the word “noise”. I had to draw noise, or the idea of noise, or something evoking noise. Well, it turns out that I just couldn’t, but noise is what fills my head, what accompanies me when I walk home. It’s incessant prescence arround me is driving me crazy. I long for silence, for quiteness.

A few years ago while hiking on the Camino de Santiago, I had one of those quite mind moments. I will never forget it. I was tired and working my way up the mountain, the clouds awaiting me half way. As soon as I passed through them and nearing the top, the view of being above everything: clouds, trees, villages, just took my breath and the noise in my head stopped for a few seconds. My whole body felt it, as an electrical current went through from my toes to my head. I wasn’t conscious but present. Amazing.


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