Having a profession related with the building industry I have often asked myself what could be done with all of those wonderfull materials thrown away after a demolition and well here is the story of a woman from New Zealand, Juliet Arnott,  who found a way to reclycle them. She founded an organization called REKINDLE.

Apart from the usual weekend update and outcry against our mass consumption society very few amongst us engage in real actions to avoid it. So, it is a real nice surprise to see good examples of how to help change things in a practical way. Because really, that is what we need, people that show us good and practical examples of how to recycle, of how to engage our communities and most important how to construct a real project that would bring in even our politicians.

This is how they present them:” Rekindle is a social enterprise that enables diversion of reusable resources from waste via creativity and craftsmanship. Seeing waste as resources full of latent creative opportunity fuels our work. We have initially focused on diverting timber from waste within residential demolition in Christchurch, turning this into furniture, interiors, sculpture and jewelery.” (direct quote from their webpage)

And go here to visit their awesome instagram account. It is trully a pleasure.

And this is a great video from dollarmixbag interviewing Juliet Arnott

rekindle – waste wood into furniture from Dollarmixbag / Ash Robinson on Vimeo.

Rekindle is a social enterprise that is on a mission to create a culture of zero waste wood in New Zealand. This vision is being driven by Juliet Arnott, an occupational therapist, who has combined her artistic and sustainable values with a belief in the therapeutic benefits that result when people use their hands to create something from nothing. Juliet believes that participation in this meaningful and creative work has the potential to transform lives, and the involvement of Christchurch youth forms an important part of her vision for Rekindle as it grows.

To learn more about Rekindle, visit

I heard Juliet speaking in Auckland at a ‘Green Drinks’ event, and was immediately captivated by the Rekindle idea and the visual beauty of the furniture. I decided to create this short documentary to help spread the Rekindle message. This is particularly important right now in Christchurch, with 6000 demolitions slated to happen over the next four years.

Shot on a Canon 5DII & 60D, with Canon f4 24-105 and a collection of older nikon primes.
Glidetrack slider, Lowel lights…
edited with Final Cut Studio

Enjoy the film, leave me a comment, and feel free to share the link or embed anywhere you like 🙂


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