DANIEL SUELO or the choice to live without money

A difficult choice to make and one I can’t even fathom. The idea intrigues me but I don’t know if I would have the courage to follow it through to the end.

And who is this guy you might be asking yourselves, well according to Wikipedia he is: ”

Daniel James Shellabarger (known as Daniel Suelo, or simply Suelo, born 1961) is an American simple living adherent who stopped using money in the autumn of 2000.[1] He was born in Arvada, Colorado, a suburb of Denver, and currently lives part-time in a cave near Moab, Utah when he is not wandering the country.[1]

Daniel Suelo's Hungarian friend Hesna Al Ghaoui
Daniel Suelo’s Hungarian friend Hesna Al Ghaoui

Searching more information on this person and his ideas I found a very interesting interview by called: The Man Who Quit Money: An Interview with Daniel Suelo where he  says: “I have been surprised at the intensely angry reaction thousands of people have had at my living moneyless. It used to bother me, but now I realize that anger doesn’t come from people’s true nature, but from the facade they build up. The facade is threatened by reality. Who wants to hear that the basis of our commercial civilization is an illusion? Money only exists if two or more people believe it exists. Money is not a physical substance, but merely a belief in the head. Money is credit, and credit literally means belief (e.g. credibility). Money is literally a creed, the most agreed-upon creed, or religion, in the world. And what fundamentalists won’t get angry if you question their creed?” (The Man Who Quit Money: An Interview with Daniel Suelo Written by

I believe there is some truth in what he expresses but I also feel I am too tied up in the system to try such an experience. A point in between would suit me more.

I salute his strength of character and his resolution. People like him show us other possibilities, other ways of living and perhaps at the end of the day his doings will inspire us to change our perception of what it is to live, to have.

Click here to go to his blog

and Here for his website

Here I leave you with a recent commencement speech he gave to the 2014 graduates of the humanities program of CU Boulder. Filmed by Timothy Fredrick, a long-time friend of Daniel’s

Here another video from someone who crossed his path:

The man who quit money from Sacred Resonance on Vimeo.


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