From bird watching to bird listening. Not bad at all!!

We all know M. Doolittle, perhaps we might even have a relative with an incredible insight on nature or we just feel we get nature in a profound level, like we think we know what that particular animal is saying. But it is hard to explain it and most people find these conversations to be in the order of fairy tales.

So I was quite relieved to have found this article from the NYT called: “When Birds Squawk, Other Species Seem to Listen” By CHRISTOPHER SOLOMON. That not only gives us an insight on how inter species animals communicate but shows us that maybe just maybe we will be able talk to animals. And we’ll have to go back to the true natives of the land and acknowledge their wisdom. I am not saying it in a sappy way but what the heck just by common sense they arrived at things that have taken us years to prove scientifically. We could have just listened and tried to marry their knowledge with our scientific methods, just saying!

Here I leave you with a video of birds in a intense conversation (one day will have the right captions!):


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