Leonora Carrington

Dreams, reveries, other worlds, mysterious places. All these words remind me of Leonora’s work. I discovered her work while searching for examples of women art. At that time my sister recommended I should read her book “The Hearing Trumpet“. I did and to my delight it only enhanced my admiration for her paintings in which I found traces of her fantastic imaginerie.

And I few weeks ago I stumbled upon a Charlotte Higgins article on Carrington that I thought was very interesting.Link here:http://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2015/jan/28/leonara-carrington-wild-at-heart

Reading it, I remembered how much her work had changed mine. I will not bother you trying to tell you her story but I will leave you with the link to her wikipedia page. In it you will find a summary that may or may not want you to do a more thorough search on the subject.

Kron Flower,1987 - tempera on panel
Kron Flower,1987 – tempera on panel

I truly enjoy all of her art works. Being them paintings, writings, sculptures or drawings. I have found a source of inspiration, whether from her art or from her life choices.

Here I leave you with a video of one of her last interviews (it’s in spanish!). I don’t agree with all the editing but when Leonora gets to talk it’s amazing.


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